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Pauline Craddock4434283387.7
Wendy Cook41310103017.3
Ellie Page3330122858.6
Laura Rhodes3326162688.1
Jill McCreedy39262112656.8
Liz Paxman2718272007.4
Georgie Stephenson30173101906.3
Sarah Richards32124161715.3
Jane Wallace30134131675.6
Jane Thresh27131131646.1
Elizabeth Opie27161101636.0
Charlotte O'Shea27132121545.7
Linda Irving2013161497.5
Su Watson2783161375.1
Carolyn Taylor3853301353.6
Anna Baker2774161324.9
Pam Mason2361161145.0
Veronique Knighton158251077.1
Maggie Middleton2172121055.0
Elizabeth Mallory17728925.4
Susan Scott244218903.8
Clare Taylor155010744.9
Janette Richardson12426705.8
Coral Mutter12228594.9
Anna Dimitropoulou9108252.8
Kirsty Roger6015203.3
Wendy Beavers200252.5

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