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Player statistics for Knaresborough

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Loopy Parker42226142706.4
Natasha Quigley36223112517.0
Ellie Wilson36167132266.3
Ros Murdoch30182102107.0
Jan Blogg3016682026.7
Jeanette Bowden2718181997.4
Linda Parkin24131101606.7
Lou Forster27104131555.7
Penny Sheard24101131385.8
Francesca Bakes2110471366.5
Janice McMillan1812151216.7
Jacky Bedford208481185.9
Ali Gould1510231137.5
Pauline Hinchcliffe15555875.8
Mary Riley12912806.7
Izzy Wilson8521577.1
Maggie Sekunda143110564.0
Helen Flynn6501488.0
Sheree Ashman6501457.5
Lyn Saville5203326.4
Paddy McJanette3120196.3
Aimee Cross3012134.3

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