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Player statistics for Pocklington

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Ruth Hill2717371967.3
Frankie Marsh219391175.6
Mel Duncan2453161094.5
Lisa Eade2453161074.5
Rebecca Hill12912988.2
Sue Sumner215115944.5
Helen Whilesmith15537795.3
Josephine Nuttman181017703.9
Fiona Lambert152013664.4
Louise Durkin152013463.1
Andrea Bland152112453.0
Helen Marsden6105274.5
Charlotte Atkinson3120237.7
Alice Moforth6006233.8
Shelley Morgan6015213.5
Louise Wilkinson6114213.5
Ruth Wood3102165.3
Di Flint6006162.7
Rachel Bloom6006142.3
Loobie Kettlewell300362.0

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