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Player statistics for Poppleton 1

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Rosie Cantrell3327332768.4
Hilary Spencer3021362418.0
Liz Burdett3016591996.6
Sheena Jackson3386191564.7
Jennifer Jones2111461406.7
Rosie Somerton1512031167.7
Fiona Smith6420427.0
Jess Southwell6123305.0
Clare Plunkett6114305.0
Jean Geraghty6123294.8
Sue Pauer6024254.2
Hilary Brown6114254.2
Sue Armitage3300237.7
Hannah Spencer3201217.0
Hannah Aubrey3201206.7
Wendy Battle3201206.7
Jean Graystone6006152.5
Helen Lawrence3003103.3
Niamh Wragg3003103.3
Sophie Adams3003103.3
Sue Wilson3012103.3
Ann Barfoot300393.0
Linda Moore300351.7

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