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Player statistics for Poppleton 3

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Helen Hatfield1812241246.9
Helena Kendall186571065.9
Elaine Baron12426675.6
Kate Harpin9711606.7
Helen Lawrence12417574.8
Elley Iles12228554.6
Linda Moore6312457.5
Wendy Battle9324444.9
Sarah Simmonds9135434.8
Catie Morecroft6312315.2
Pauline Mcilwraith6204305.0
Hannah Spencer6213274.5
Edie Jones6105233.8
Anna Coggrove3201196.3
Izzy White3201196.3
Jean Graystone3021165.3
Jenny Hymes3012155.0
Mel Batey3003134.3

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