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Player statistics for Wetherby 2

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Rachel Butterworth15636926.1
Marise Richfield15456855.7
Louise Williams12624786.5
Debbie Vines9423596.6
Fiona Chantrey9225515.7
Louise Beasley6411457.5
Katie Barratt6222396.5
Trish Bell6033325.3
Helen Browne3120206.7
Suzanne Hart3120206.7
Bev Lynn3102196.3
Sue Craven3201186.0
Emma Fraser3201186.0
Ginny Hinds3102175.7
Christina Plant3102155.0
Angie Bell3012155.0
Catheryn Keighley3102155.0
Jill Abel3012144.7

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