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Player statistics for Wetherby 2

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Fiona Chantrey30115141685.6
Louise Williams2786131555.7
Louise Beasley2474131375.7
Christina Plant2463151134.7
Ginny Hinds212316834.0
Rachel Butterworth183213744.1
Marise Richfield213315723.4
Debbie Vines152112583.9
Helen Browne9414495.4
Jill Abel9306465.1
Angie Bell3300279.0
Emma Youlden6006203.3
Jane Freeman6015193.2
Sarah Woon3111186.0
Judith Crossley3102144.7
Katie Barratt3012144.7
Emma Fraser6015132.2
Anne Lillywhite3003103.3
Trish Bell300320.7

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