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Player statistics for York 1

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Wendy Stirke3331113219.7
Jo Middleton2722142298.5
Jill Le Pla2421032179.0
Louise Marshman2120102079.9
Fay Chapman1814131538.5
Siobhan Gilfillan2112361487.0
Sophie Marshman1812151327.3
Kathryn Place157441097.3
Emma Waters12804907.5
Lou Lister9711829.1
Sasha Taylor66006210.3
Margaret Whitehead6402406.7
Diletta Puddu6303376.2
Ilianna Evangeliou6303366.0
Sarah Dwyer3120217.0
Claire Kershaw3102196.3
Kathleen Lewis3111196.3
Denise Wilson3102186.0

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