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Player statistics for York 2

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Jackie Eccles2726102549.4
Ilianna Evangeliou36195122396.6
Caroline White2419141958.1
Beth Barker2118301878.9
Denise Wilson2115241647.8
Diletta Puddu1816021498.3
Jen Hall21101101356.4
Claire Kershaw1810261267.0
Poppie Jaram158341087.2
Sarah Dwyer12804897.4
Emma Waters66006210.3
Wendy Wong6600559.2
Siobhan Gilfillan6600559.2
Margaret Whitehead6600518.5
Jill Le Pla33003210.7
Kim Crowhurst3102186.0
Pat Reynard3021155.0
Poppy Curtis3102103.3
Shamuna Haslam300362.0

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