Fulford Ladies Invitation Tennis League

Division 6

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League table

Fulford 3650142622210
Copmanthorpe 2650139924910
Poppleton 3650139125710
Appleton Roebuck 262042224264
Sheriff Hutton61052673812
Wilberfoss 261052503982


Fixtures & results

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DateTimeHome teamResultAway teamScore
Saturday 26 June9:30Copmanthorpe 25949Poppleton 3View
Saturday 26 June10:00Appleton Roebuck 26345RiccallView
Saturday 26 June10:00Wilberfoss 23573Fulford 3View
Saturday 10 July9:30Sheriff Hutton4662Fulford 3View
Saturday 10 July10:00Appleton Roebuck 22583Poppleton 3View
Saturday 10 July10:00Wilberfoss 22286Copmanthorpe 2View
Saturday 17 July9:30Copmanthorpe 21008Appleton Roebuck 2View
Saturday 17 July9:30Fulford 37335RiccallView
Saturday 17 July9:30Poppleton 37137Sheriff HuttonView
Saturday 24 July9:30Sheriff Hutton3870Copmanthorpe 2View
Saturday 24 July10:00Appleton Roebuck 27038Wilberfoss 2View
Saturday 24 July10:00Riccall4266Poppleton 3View
Saturday 31 July9:30Copmanthorpe 25850RiccallView
Saturday 31 July9:30Poppleton 36048Fulford 3View
Saturday 31 July10:00Wilberfoss 26741Sheriff HuttonView
Saturday 7 August9:30Fulford 38226Copmanthorpe 2View
Saturday 7 August9:30Sheriff Hutton7236Appleton Roebuck 2View
Saturday 7 August10:00Riccall6642Wilberfoss 2View
Saturday 14 August9:30Fulford 38820Appleton Roebuck 2View
Saturday 14 August10:00Riccall7533Sheriff HuttonView
Saturday 28 August9:30Poppleton 36246Wilberfoss 2View

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