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Player statistics for division 4

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Laura RobsonRowntree Park 112120012110.1
Jo DyerRowntree Park 11210201089.0
Charlotte PhillipsRowntree Park 1129211008.3
Hannah NashRowntree Park 19810819.0
Elise PalmerRowntree Park 19702788.7
Mary FosterTollerton9423556.1
Dot HornbyTollerton9423556.1
Teena GallonTollerton6600538.8
Sandra RobinsonRowntree Park 16501518.5
Liz PowellRufforth 29315515.7
Sandra JenningsTollerton9324505.6
Aimee SquiresTollerton6420488.0
Hattie ChatfieldRowntree Park 16411488.0
Kim LeesBishopthorpe 26411467.7
Carole WithersRufforth 26312447.3
Sue HanleyBishopthorpe 26321447.3
Philippa PageRufforth 26501447.3
Pippa BaileyTollerton6402406.7
Georgina MacKenzieBishopthorpe 26312396.5
Anna LewisRufforth 29207374.1
Christine PlaceRufforth 29207374.1
Angela EdwardsBishopthorpe 29207364.0
Marion BurgessBishopthorpe 29207343.8
Nicola GrahamSutton Upon Derwent6213335.5
Sandra PauwRowntree Park 133003210.7
Katie LewisBishopthorpe 26132325.3
Vicky WrigleyRufforth 23300299.7
Kathryn DickinsonBishopthorpe 23210289.3
Romualda PlewesSutton Upon Derwent6114274.5
Pauline BrownTollerton3201248.0
Emily NelsonRowntree Park 13201237.7
Izzy HobsonSutton Upon Derwent9009232.6
Emma WhitingRufforth 23201175.7
Emily JohnsonTollerton3102165.3
Sheila NicholsonSutton Upon Derwent6006162.7
Fenella HobsonSutton Upon Derwent6006162.7
Claire KettleSutton Upon Derwent3102155.0
Wendy FarnellRufforth 23012155.0
Alison TullieRufforth 23012134.3
Lucy PowellRufforth 23003113.7
Erin ProctorBishopthorpe 23102113.7
Ed HopeTollerton300372.3
Rachael GoodeSutton Upon Derwent300372.3
Lisa WilesSutton Upon Derwent300372.3
Judith RigsbyBishopthorpe 2300362.0
Brenda PoolemanBishopthorpe 2300341.3
Carol BurchSutton Upon Derwent300341.3
Karen BrosterSutton Upon Derwent300341.3
Susan TurnerSutton Upon Derwent300341.3
Vic HendersonSutton Upon Derwent300341.3

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