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  Coronavirus update - league suspended

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Hi Ladies,

The York ladies', men's and mixed leagues have jointly decided that this year's season will not start at the usual time. Instead, we intend to begin the season after 21 June, at which point it is planned that all restrictions on gatherings and travel will have been lifted. The reason for the postponement of the season start is that the leagues are not in a position to bear the responsibility for ensuring compliance with coronavirus legislation and guidelines.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback about their desire, or otherwise, to have a full season. Based on this, it is clear that many people will be disappointed with the lack of a normal season start, but the leagues all considered this to be unavoidable with the restrictions that will still be in force even after 29 March. Please be assured that we would not delay the season without first considering all angles and exploring all possibilities to have it begin as normal.

It has not yet been decided exactly what format the league will take when it is able to restart, and of course the date of 21 June remains uncertain, as the government has made clear that the restrictions will be lifted only when the data warrants it. However, trophies will still be awarded to the champions of each division, but no teams will be promoted or relegated at the end of the season.

We will be in touch again in due course with further details of the season once they are available.

Best Wishes,


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