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Player statistics for Rufforth

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Kate Lewis45331113447.6
Liz Powell45205202756.1
Anna Lewis3427252697.9
Maggie Zhang39223142516.4
Denise Reilly36233102476.9
Carole Withers40143232185.5
Vicky Wrigley31133151825.9
Judith Evans27170101806.7
Clare McMahon2316521687.3
Wendy Farnell33102211624.9
Christine Place30113161595.3
Alison Tullie27121141555.7
Sarah Skidmore2311391526.6
Philippa Page25103121455.8
Lucy Powell2385101295.6
Lesley Sinton178361197.0
Emma Whiting2463151114.6
Kathryn Elliot-Smith158431057.0
Sue Yoward15537916.1
Christine Edmond15609855.7
Phoebe McKelvie9801687.6
Sheila Adel121011443.7
Lottie McKelvie9027313.4
Elspeth Firth6114244.0
Antoinette Douglas3201196.3
Rachel Bramwell3003103.3
Belinda McKelvie300372.3

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